Jet Storage UDF

Jet Storage UDF

Jet Storage UDF burns CD-RW discs in UDF format

"Jet Storage UDF burns rewritable discs in UDF format. This program installs a driver that lets you directly access a re-writable disk, without having to use any burning software.

This is the same way you would access your hard drive. You can use Windows Explorer to add, delete, rename, and move folders. You can edit, open, and save files from any Windows application to a CD or DVD disc.

Jet Storage UDF also enables you to do backups. Just point your backup utility to the path of the ""diskette. "" As long as there is free space on your removable media, you can continue to add files.

This program can also help you access disks that were created by other CD and DVD programs. This program installs a universal driver that includes support for multiple vendors.

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